To our valued Employers ...

An experienced Newbridge Recruiting Consultant will listen and provide you with the best qualified candidates for your job openings. We never waste your time. 

Our professional expertise allows us to match the right person to each job. We offer our clients a personalized, one-on-one approach to every assignment. 

Our areas of specialty include, but are not limited to:

                                          Senior Management ..... Supervisory
                         Admin/Support Services ..... RN's across the continuum of care 
PT/OT/Speech & Respiratory Therapists ..... Radiology/Imaging 
Pharmacists ..... Practice Managers ..... Clinical 
Physician Assistants ..... Nurse Practitioners ..... Billing, Medical Records & HIM
Claims and Insurance ..... Social Workers  
Sales Reps ..... Clinical ..... Compliance & Regulatory  
Accounting / Financial ..... Information Technology  

​"It is a pleasure working with you, your candidates are excellent!"
                                                                 -- Leading Performance Improvement Company

"You take the time to understand our needs. Your candidates are spot-on!"
                                                                  -- Managed Care Company 

"We appreciate working with you as a business partner."
                                                                  -- Teaching hospital